Adwa & Beyond: A BHM Celebration

Jeudi, 28 février 2019

Ouverture des portes 20:00

At “Adwa and Beyond,” we humbly aspire to honor their legacies while foregrounding the notable Black leaders of today and tomorrow. This event is part of the ongoing efforts to fundraise for the family of Nicholas Gibbs, please see here for more information:

Go Fund Me

We will be partnering with a galaxy of community collaborators, including: Black Community Resource Center, Head & Hands, Black Lives Matter - Montreal, DESTA Black Youth Network, Kalmunity, Youth In Motion, Black History Month Roundtable, BHM-McGill, Librairie Racines, Black Speculative Arts Movement, and many others.


Tali (Host); Scynical (Host) ; Waahli aka Wyzah; Shades Lawrence ; Clerel; B-Love; Taigenz; Ely WitsGold; Backxwash ; Fredy V.; Sarah Patier; Hacheming ; HAWA; ႶἂƷ∫M; V-shan

Dave François - Bass
Malika Tirolien - Piano+Vocals
Modibo Keita- Trombone
Myrtle Thomas - Flûte
Elijah Mansevani- Guitar
Jean-Michel Frederic-Clavier
Jepthté Kalombo-Batterie

Gratuit / Free