Ashes Of A Phoenix Album show

Vendredi, 28 juin 2019

J.fernandez’s debut album “ Ashes of a phoenix “ is a show and tell of the young artist’s talent and versatility. This album was inspired through moments of pain, vulnerability , love and euphoria. Every song has a story of its own and will bring out emotions you forgot existed. The title “ Ashes of a Phoenix “ came about when J. fernandez was found over dosing after a long battle of drug abuse. The story of the phoenix represent “rebirth” or “reincarnation” . After crashing and burning “ J. Fernandez “ made a vow to never go down that road again and to prove to himself and the rest of the world , what he can accomplish when he puts his heart and soul into it. We hope you enjoy this album as much as we did making it for you. welcome to the first chapter of our beautiful journey together.

20$ (taxes et frais de services inclus)