Dear Jax,

Dimanche, 16 juin 2019
Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréal

A journalist loses her words.
A son loses his mother.
A story of communication in all its forms.

Written and Performed by Stephen Maclean Rogers
Directed by Jean-Marc LeBlanc


Please protect this inquiring mind from any negative or harmful effects from whatever source. Welcome to an exploration of what it is like living and dying with aphasia. My name is Susan and this is my story, told by my son Stephen. A hopeful, yet emotional, voyage through my final years of dealing with this condition, and the gradual decline of my linguistic and eventual mental abilities. A continuing story of strength and love.

Please protect inquiring mind from any or harmful effects from source. Welcome to exploration of what is like living and dying or aphasia. Name is Susan and this and story, told by son Stephen. Hopeful, yet emotional through my final of dealing with this condition, and decline of a linguistic and eventual mental. Story of strength or love.

Please protect from source. Welcome to dying aphasia. Susan and Stephen. Hopeful. Final dealing condition, and decline of a and eventual mental. Love

$10 or $5 with on-site donation to the Association Québécoise des Personnes Aphasiques