Samedi, 5 mars 2022

Spectacle : 21:00

Portes : 20:00

The Foundation is a group of skilled first call musicians that are known for playing with Montreal's top international r&b, hip hop, funk, gospel and jazz acts.
Starting as the backing band for frontman Fredy V’s live shows, the collective decided to join forces in the studio to form Fredy V & The Foundation.
After gaining collective experience from producing and performing for CBC/Radio-Canada prime time television and collaborating with artists like Malika Tirolien, Zach Zoya, Kallitechnis and Shay Lia among others, the group used their momentum and for the first time began creating new music together.
Fredy V & The Foundation released their debut EP ‘ONE STEP’ in the Fall of 2020. This collaborative process saw each member's experience and skill put into writing, composing, arranging and producing; giving light to catchy powerhouse songs that seamlessly combine R&B, funk, afropop and hip hop.
From backing band to production team, The Foundation is on course to becoming major contributors to Canada’s flourishing R&B culture.

Le groupe de R&B Montréalais revient sur scène pour un concert spécial dans sa ville natale à ne pas manquer, en collaboration avec Le Ministère et le studio de scénographie Pestacle. L'ensemble de 7 musiciens est connu pour ses performances live qui combinent harmonieusement le funk, le hip hop, l'afropop et le R&B. Pour cet événement spécial, le groupe invitera des artistes spéciaux (à annoncer).

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