Lancement du premier EP de l’artiste Georgette, intitulé Funny Girl

Dimanche, 23 juin 2019

Ouverture des portes: 20:30

Georgette est le nouveau projet musical de l’auteure-compositrice Emily Skahan. Après 8 ans au sein du groupe montréalais Motel Raphael, elle est désormais prête à s’affirmer en solo et collabore déjà avec plusieurs ”beatmakers” de renom.
Son premier EP (prévu pour Juin 2019) est un mélange savoureux de chansons ”feel good” à saveur tropicale. Forte de ses performances aux festivals Osheaga, SXSW et Festival de Jazz de Montréal, Georgette sait que l’avenir est prometteur.

Georgette is a new musical project led by Emily Skahan. Her forthcoming EP (due in June 2019) is a fresh and cozy blend of electronic and acoustic tracks - a collection of playful, feel-good music. Produced an co-written by Marky Beats (Jonathan Roy), Georgette is coming off 8 years in Montreal sweetheart group Motel Raphael. She has already collaborated with Dan D-Noy on his latest single “I’ll Be Your Island” and DJ Unpier’s “SUGARSUGAR”. 2019 is shaping up to be busy! Having played festivals such as Osheaga, SXSW and the Festival de Jazz de Montréal and opened for the likes of Tegan and Sara, Georgette knows the future is bright.
Flara K
Montreal based Pop/R&B duo Flara K have been making a splash since their debut single ‘Offline’ in September of 2018. Having already amassed over 40,000 streams of their debut EP on Spotify, they’ve also headlined Pop Montreal, and opened up for heavy hitters in the R&B scene Zaki Ibrahim and Shay Lia at Canadian Music Week 2019.
“An electricity runs between the veins of Montreal duo Flara K.” An electricity that undoubtedly stems from a love of 90’s R&B, and an absolute obsession for performing live.
Flara K is getting ready to release their next single ‘Patience’ due out July 2019.
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